Why the Family Support Program?

The money you donate to Maddie’s Miracle will go towards one of the most fundamental parts of AFCH’s whole family care approach, the Family Support Program. 

This program, which provides food, lodging assistance, gas cards, phone cards, sibling care and so much more for the families of AFCH patients, can be instrumental in helping to shoulder some of the burden of these families, so their focus can remain where it is most needed, on their child.

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7 Responses to “Why the Family Support Program?”

  1. Jim and Tamar Pardee Says:

    Dear Mark and Robin:

    We are hoping to attend this event this year, if even for a short while. “We thank our God upon every remembrance of you!!”

  2. Jessica Ford Kelly Says:

    I’m so proud to know you guys! Great work! *hugs*

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